Horsemanship To Gentle A Wild Horse

In this course I take you through all I did to gentle Mocha, a 1 year old Canadian mustang filly that came here straight from the wild.

In this course I cover every detail of what I’m doing and thinking to get her to connect to me and build up trust so that we can get her haltered, basic groundwork and medically treated for her ticks, lice and infection in her umbilical cord area. This was a high priority to deal with as it was determined she had a fever and was not healthy.

Gentling Mocha

Day 1 Session 1 With Mocha The Wild Baby Mustang

This is where we get our first touch done and a lot of communication back and forth. You all know where this ends by now anyways as we are best friends at the point of this upload, this is how we got there. This is her very first session on her very first day here. We're not wasting time!

Day 1 Session 2 With Mocha

This is still the first day with this little baby B.C. Wildie and I'm really determined to fast track my mission to become her best friend. You all know how this ends in 2 days but here is the process on how I got there. After about 2 hours in total, we had something pretty good going on I think.

Day 1 Session 3 With Mocha

Here is the third session I did with our new B.C. Wildie on her first day here. We've got to get on with making a good friend as soon as possible so we can get a halter on her and get her coggins test done. Here is another step in the process.

Day 2 Session 6 With Mocha

More progress on touching after the livestream in the morning and we continue on that path to get closer and closer for longer.

Day 3 Session 1 For Working With Mocha

Here we go, day 3, let's get some touching done so I can convince her how nice it is to be scratched by a human!

Day 3 session 2 For More Contact With Mocha

Well, slowly but surely it's happening here and I'm making some progress to not freaking her out as much and getting some incidental touches in.

Day 3 Session 3 My Favorite Session With Mocha

In this video I share a technique that occurred to me to try for the very first time. I've never seen or heard of anybody doing it, but this is now a solid tool in my toolbelt that I will use much sooner in the future.

Day 4 - The Major Scratching Session

Today, we scratch and search for problems, ticks, injuries, itchy spots and all kinds of things.

Day 4 Beginning Halter Training With Mocha

In this video I show how I get started with halter training so I can have a horse not lose their mind with the rope on them or pulling on them.

Day 4 - I Can't Stand To See Her Scratch - Delousing Little Mocha

Here's how I deloused little Mocha as I just couldn't watch her scratch on everything and anything. It's about time I got to this even though it's still only day 4 and I don't have a halter on yet...

Day 5 - More Halter Training For Mocha

Got some great progress today with her for having a rope on her and just a bit of the actual halter!

Day 5 More Progressive Halter Training For Mocha

We're making a bit more progress with the halter training with just a couple of issues here and there. These are solvable, so that's the job today, fix the bits and pieces that we have to put it all together for her.

Day 6 Finally Getting A Halter On, Leading And Checking Out The Hernia Spot

Lots happened in this session, I finally got the halter on her reliably and then I decided it's a good idea to check out the possible hernia she has going on.

Day 7 - I Was Finally Able To Give A Good Brushings!

This is a nice time for sure, just a quiet session with a bit of halter training and a lot of brushing.

Day 9 - Finalizing Halter Training Before The Vet Comes

The vet is coming tomorrow! 2 days earlier than expected so I have to kick into a faster gear to be prepared as best as I can. Today we're working on some basic groundwork on the halter and she hit it out of the park I think! It's not all smooth sailing of course, but she sorted things out well.

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